About Us

Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (Bekraf) and Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI) is to launch the 1st Indonesia Partnership Program. This program aims to strengthen and foster networking between Indonesian and international publishers and literary agencies from around the world, as well as to make Indonesia as a marketplace for copyrights trading.

Our program offers benefits for travel grant arrangement, hotel accommodation, seminars and tour to Indonesian publishers for publishers and literary agencies who are interested in having cooperation with Indonesian publishers by licensing their rights.

International publishing rights who are interested in attending the Indonesia Partnership Program should apply online. To be eligible, applicants must have a catalogue of translation rights to buy or sell with an interest in doing business in Indonesia market.

As a marketplace, Indonesian is trying to develop demands in the world of publishing. This is intended not only for business but also to build relationship among publishers to have a successful collaboration in the future.

Please see “The Program” on the menu for more information.

Supported by


  • Support a return ticket for one company‚Äôs representative, economy class,
  • Hotel accomodation.
  • Free rights table at Indonesia International Book Fair.
  • Executive Program. Seminars.


Gedung Ikapi,
Jalan Kalipasir, No. 32, Cikini,
Jakarta Pusat, 10340 Indonesia