JAKARTA – The “Indonesia Partnership Program” aims for 45 foreign participants this year, divided into 5 regions, namely Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, North America and Europe. Participants who can participate in this program are professional publishers, editors, agents, and copyright managers who are experienced and interested in working with Indonesian publishers.

“The distinctive feature of the international book exhibition is the proliferation of copyright transactions at the exhibition,” said Djadja Subagdja, steering committee of the program, on July 18th 2019.

According to him, so far in the Indonesia International Book Fair (IIBF) there have not been many copyright transactions that have taken place, so there needs to be stimulation. “We hope that this IPP will become a stimulant for increasing the number and value of copyright transactions, so that IIBF will truly become an international book exhibition,” he said.

In addition, the participants will also be invited to join a special program called “Executive Social and Cultural Program”. The programs range from business matchmaking, seminars on publishing, workshops, and visits to publishers, bookstores, and museums.

Participants of the “Indonesia Partnership Program” can also join other programs, including the International Symposium on Education “Hybrid and Adaptive Learning Towards Industrial Revolution”. The symposium will feature José Borghino (Secretary General of IPA – International Publishers Association) and Wilmar Diepgrond (Head of Germany’s Association of Educational Publishers) and moderated by Hary Candra, founder and CEO of PesonaEdu.

In addition, the Publishing Insight seminar will be held with the theme “Success Stories and Steep Paths in Rights Selling” which will be presented by several foreign speakers and moderated by Claudia Kaiser, Vice President of the Frankfurt Book Fair.